• For 16 floors, you can choose any command type as universal, up/down mix collective, down collective, up collective, selective collective
• Adjustable numbers of floors
• By adding MLINT card, call inputs and floor capacity can be increased
• Call buttons and call lamps need only one shared wire
• All parameters can be simply adjusted via LCD screen and program buttons
• Program mode with password protection, PUK code against unauthorized person
• Last 16 faults includingdatum of floor, direction, day and hour can be traced on LCD screen
• Overload function, short-circuit protected overload warning signal
• Short-circuit protected display outputs can be adjusted to every floor
• Full load function
• Minmum load function
• Attendant contact
• Function of moving to the adjustable fire floor on fire
• Adjustable park floor and duration of parking time
• The door can wait open/close position when it is full automatic door type
• Gray coded bi-stable switches for position information
• Warning signal on LCD screen when the door is open or when no stop signal more than the adjusted time
• Adjustable car lamp time, lock wait time, wait at floor time, max. high speed time and max. low speed time
• Short-circuit protected gong signal output
• Short-circuit protected door open signal (AUTO)
• 48VDC leakage signal input
• Adjustable maintenance time, warning when it is the maintenance time on LCD screen
• In stand-by mode runtime of the lift after the last maintenance (as day and hour) is screened on LCD screen
• Function of manual movement at low speed by using program buttons
• Function of finding out the faulty bi-stable switch easily in bi-stable faults
• For the position information, by changing the software, gray coded bi-stable switches system is changed into single bi-stable switch counting system
• MLPLUS-E card can control hydraulic lifts by changing software and adding MLHIDRO card
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